The Return Of Mutant Chronicles

The classic pen-and-paper sci-fi RPG is set to return with Kickstarter funding

“The Solar System is a roaring mayhem of death and war... In the enormous cities of the far and distant future, heretics devoted to the destruction of humankind stalk the dark backstreets and gloomy alleys spreading their teachings of greed, jealousy and war.” If those lines give you goosebumps then you probably remember Mutant Chronicles , the 1993 RPG , and its various spin-offs. You'll get yet more goosebumps when you discover that a third edition of the rule system, a full re-write of the original, has been created and is looking for project funding on Kickstarter.

The money from online backers will go towards paying for full colour, hard cover settings and rules books, the first of which being Mutant Chronicles: Dark Symmetry , planned for release this summer. There will be two main publications: Dark Symmetry (with core rules and background history) and Dark Soul (replacing the Algeroth and Ilian guide books and containing characters, fighting styles, politics and storylines).

On the next few pages you can see draft art and sample covers. As of last week, Modiphius had funded the core book and settings book to the tune of £27,000, and as of the start of this week, independent backers had donated £44,560. But they're seeking more to get the franchise back up and running to the tune of its original popularity. To donate, visit the Kickstarter page before Sunday 9 March 2014.

Story by Viki Bucknell

Click through for some sample covers and draft art from the project, supplied to SFX by Chris Burch ...

To donate, visit the Kickstarter page before Sunday 9 March 2014.

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