The PS5 devkit has been leaked in all its V-shaped glory

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Less than two weeks since Sony confirmed the PS5 Holiday 2020 release date, new leaked photos of the next-gen console's devkit have surfaced online. The photo, which has emerged via a source for ZoneOfTech, corroborates with previously leaked patent sketches of the PS5 to have emerged over the last year, which appears to be shaped in the form of a "V", which also happens to be the Roman numeral for five. 

As seen below, the image gives us a much better look at the dev kit and its various ports, which reveal new details about Sony's upcoming successor to the PS4, if it is to be believed. 

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There's a few things that pop out. Check out the big circle on the right hand side, which might be that rumoured camera which is being touted as a new feature for PS5 to facilitate 4K live-streaming at the press of a button. Take note, also, of the two INIT ports on the left hand side; one labelled "System" and the other "Network." It's not confirmed, but this is a typical feature of PlayStation devkits which allow developers and press to access either the retail or internal software of the device, thus adding veracity to the leaked image itself.

The photo also shows the kit has at least six USB ports, and your standard eject, reset, and standby buttons, though it's worth emphasising that - even if this leak is genuine - this model has no bearing on the look or working of the final product itself.

With that in mind, consume every detail of this image with healthy helpings of doubt-infused salt, enjoying it merely as a vague portent for what to expect from PS5 next year, rather than confirmed insight into its makeup. Images of the Xbox Project Scarlett, meanwhile, are nowhere to be seen. Ball's in your court, Microsoft...

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