The Pitt and The Pathfinder

A teaser trailer has arrived for Brad Pitt’s latest, and it’s a brief glance at the film which takes less time to unspool than the title takes to read.

The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (think that’ll stick when the film actually has to fit onto cinema marquees?) stars Pitt as the titular Western legend, busy plotting his next big heist. But while he’s got enemies to think about – men after the reward money offered for his capture – the biggest threat comes from someone closer. Casey Affleck is that someone, obsessed with James and convinced he can get his respect. Given that title, we know it won’t end well for Jesse…

The teaser can be found here .

Pathfinder, on the other hand goes back a thousand years to a time when the Vikings were - according to the plot - busy invading America long before anyone else “discovered” it. On one of these raids, a young Viking child is left behind in a destroyed ship. Raised by Native Americans, he learns to become a warrior but is faced with real trouble when his people return to raid his village. What’s a man to do? If you’re Karl Urban, you take the fight to the Viking raiders… Marcus Nispel, the man behind the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake sits in the director’s chair and spills plenty of blood…

The stylish trailer is here .

Source: ( Yahoo Movies )

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