The Outfit

World War II games have become so popular, so plentiful ... and so predictable. But by red-lining the destruction factor on what could have been just another walking tour of Europe, this Action/Real-time Strategy hybridshould blast some much needed innovation into this aging genre.

A strategy game with a hunger for shrapnel-based drama, The Outfit may be best decribed as an RTS played from the point of view of one of the mid-rank commanding units. It will serve up three different playable characters, each with his own particular brand of Nazi decimating prowess. Things bust out of the norm when squads of underling soldiers are added into the mix. Thesewar-dogs automatically adapt their AI to best serve your choice of field commander in missions that run the gamut from rescue/protection to all-out obliteration.

Walls, fences, trees and even larger structures like buildings and bridges make prime targets for you and your squad's ordinance. Churning through both urban and rural environments, you can demolish absolutely anything you desire ... or anything unfortunate enough to wander into your path.

Then there's the "Destruction on Demand" feature, which allows gamers to save up currency and spend it mid-battle on choice maneuvers. Need an air-strike? How about a half-track, tank or some other troop-crushing weapon? If you want something done right, just drop the necessary coinon abattalion of reinforcement units - they're just a radio call away.