The official Elden Ring drip is beautiful, but the $1700 price tag hits harder than Malenia

Elden Ring
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Luxury streetwear based on Elden Ring has just dropped, but it'll cost you up to £1,400/$1,700 to buy the clothes.

Luxury clothing brand ARK/8 has just released its collaboration with Fromsoftware, which includes nine pieces inspired by Elden Ring. But The Lands Between collection is raising some eyebrows for its exorbitant prices, ranging from £100 for the cheapest piece to £1,400 for the most expensive fur coat.  

ARK/8's creative director, Dimitri van Eetvelde, explains what drew the company to Elden Ring specifically. "There's a lot of substance to that game, and that's what we're trying to do on the clothing side as well," van Eetvelde tells NME. "I hope we're able to convey that there's a lot of depth and investment in the items we create. It's not just about releasing a basic sweater with a great graphic."

The Lands Between collection - which you can find here - does in fact include a few basic shirts with a graphic slapped on. The £220 Tarnished hoodie, for instance, is plain black and has a few holes poked in to really give off that 'Malenia just kicked my butt' vibe. The Lands Between bomber has the entire map painted on and is undeniably beautiful, but the £875 price tag brings a tear to my wallet's metaphorical eye. The most expensive item in the collection is the Fur Runes Coat, and I'm assuming they skinned the Red Wolf of Radagon to justify the £1,400 cost.

The prices make some sense when you consider that ARK/8 didn't just want to attract fans of the game. "We don't want to cater only to hardcore [gaming] fans," van Eetvelde tells NME, "[people] could totally love it from a visual standpoint and buy it without realizing it's an Elden Ring piece." Fromsoftware was also involved in the creative process, as the designer supposedly went "back and forth with [them]" on over 100 designs and three different collections, although many items were apparently scrapped.

For more affordable Elden Ring content, check out how the Malenia boss fight that was modded into Sekiro. Meanwhile, the Shadow Of Erdtree expansion is still quietly in development.

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