The obscure Street Fighter game guide

But it was the announcement that Chun-Li and Ken would be playable characters that piqued most fighting fans’ interest. This bit of info worked liked catnip on us too and made us want to try out Perfect KO as soon as possible.

Above: A sweet shot of Chun-Li from one of Perfect KO’s promotional trailers

Above: You can kick some ass with Ken too

Above: 3 vs. 3 player matches always start off with a bang

Above: A Perfect KO trailer that pimps out Chun-Li and Ken

In order to download and play Perfect KO, you’ll need an account from Good luck with that. You need to be a Korean citizen to register. Babbelfish and shady registration guides won’t help you much when you get to the fields that ask for identification. In the meantime, if you can’t legitimately sign up for an account, you can at least admire Perfect KO’s homepage by clicking here.