The obscure Street Fighter game guide

But there are a ton of titles featuring Capcom’s iconic Street Fighter characters that many fans missed. All these games sit off the beaten path, waiting for curious lovers of all things Street Fighter to stumble upon them. Think you’ve played everything on this list? If you have, we tip our hats and dub thee Sir Super Shoryuken Turbo HD.

When Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation was announced, it was quickly ridiculed and filed away in our ‘weird things from Japan’ bin, or as we prefer to call it, the ‘WTF Japan’ folder. Mouse Generation tosses the traditional Street Fighter control scheme out the window in favor of a system that revolves around well-timed mouse clicks and gestures.

Sounds ridiculous? It is. Mouse Generation’s controls will feel completely foreign at first. Expect many frustratingly floaty deaths as you get used to clicking for combos and mousing back and forth to dash across the screen.

Above: Ryu’s level looks great

But once you get the hang of a few combos and familiarize yourself with the unusual controls, there’s a good amount of fun to be had with Mouse Generation. There are lots of air combos to master, the level backgrounds look great, and it’s the most unique Street Fighter game we’ve seen.

Above: Chaining air combos will remind you of the good old X-Men vs. Street Fighter days

Above: Gameplay footage of Mouse Generation in action

Mouse Generation is a free-to-play online game, but you’ll need to register at the Japanese site, to download and play it. Unless the game is made available in the West, the language barrier will continue to keep many Street Fighter fans away.