The Night in the Woods dev sure had a stressful night, but promises to talk "much more" about Revenant Hill soon

Revenant Hill
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Night in the Woods developer Scott Benson has been very vocal about their new game after it was revealed for the first time yesterday.

Revenant Hill - a game that feels like Night in the Woods but is a completely new thing - made an appearance during the PlayStation Showcase yesterday, and its developer has been sharing what it's like to be the one presenting a game during these events.

Ahead of the game's announcement, Benson tweeted some pretty questionable things like: "If you make a video game you are just f***** up and twisted," before following it up right after the game was announced with another tweet that simply said: "ah SH**."

There was a brief period where Benson was stress tweeting right after the game had been announced sharing updates like: "lol just posting blurbs and turning things on and uploading stuff so not even paying attention to the reaction yet", as well as "legit just unclenching after a mad dash of several months so I can't even tweet yet." Benson really didn't have anything to worry about though as the reaction to Revenant Hill has been overwhelmingly positive.

Once they had had a chance to breathe again, Benson also shared a couple of fun facts about Revenant Hill - including the fact that the cat in question is called Twigs. "I will be talking so much more about this in the future," Benson also shared, "Thanks for caring about the stuff we make, folks. It's going to be pretty cool."

Another interesting tidbit revealed by Benson is that, despite appearing during a PlayStation event, Revenant Hill is actually set to release on both PS5 and PC. Unfortunately, we don't have a clue as to when this will be but let's just keep our fingers crossed that it's sooner than we think.

According to the game's trailer description, Revenant Hill is set in 1919 and will see players foster a community by growing crops, selling at a market, making friends, hosting parties, and much more. Just like Night in the Woods, there's also a spooky side to Revenant Hill that includes witches, skeletons, and graveyards - what more could you want? 

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