We'll find out what (or who) the third Star Wars spin-off movie will be about this summer, says Lucasfilm

With Star Wars: Rogue One in our rearview mirrors, fans already know a young Han Solo movie is on the way – but what about the next spin-off set in a galaxy far, far away? Rejoice, impatient fans: Lucasfilm has hinted that we might be finding out more about its newest spin-off film in the next couple of months.

MTV caught up with Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017, and asked her point blank about when we can expect to hear some info about the studio’s latest movie. “I think we’re getting close” to an announcement, Kennedy teased. “My hope would be sometime around the summer. I never want to predict the creative process because it’s its own thing, but we’re in the midst of those discussions right now.”

We all know something is in the pipeline - it just hasn’t been officially announced yet. Fantastic Four director Josh Trank was attached to direct a Star Wars spinoff movie a couple of years ago, but he and Lucasfilm ultimately parted ways literally minutes before it was announced on stage at Star Wars Celebration in 2015, and his mysterious film never made it past the development stage. But it’s clear that Disney has no intention of letting the Star Wars well run dry; CEO Bob Iger has hinted that we’ll be seeing more space adventures for at least the next fifteen years.

What do you want the new Star Wars spinoff to be? The long-rumored Boba Fett film? An Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone starring Ewan McGregor? A gangster film about the Hutt family? Share your hopes and dreams with us in the comments below, and check out our list of 12 Star Wars characters who definitely deserve their own spinoff movies.

Images: Lucasfilm

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