The Mandalorian actor Giancarlo Esposito is working on a "huge" upcoming game

(Image credit: Disney Plus)

Giancarlo Esposito has recently worked on a big video game he can't reveal yet, according to Collider (opens in new tab)

Esposito, best known for his baddie roles in Breaking Bad and The Mandalorian (opens in new tab), has reportedly done mo-cap work for a "huge" video game he can't discuss just yet. ""This video game I did; which is going to be huge. Can't really mention," Esposito said. 

He doesn't elaborate on what exactly he did for the mysterious game, but does say that he performed the part with a "new style of acting." Collider refers to the part as involving mo-cap, but Esposito doesn't flat out say that, either. In the interview he was responding to a question about how Epic's Unreal Engine is being used in The Mandalorian production when he referred to the "new style of acting," so whether that means the unknown game is using a similar set-up to the Disney Plus series or not is unclear.

The Mandalorian production used Unreal Engine to render real-time sets on massive LED screens, eliminating the need to composite together effects and green-screen footage, and allowing the team to make quick adjustments to virtual worlds. 

Who could Esposito be playing and in what game? Could he be the baddie in Black Ops: Cold War, as our very own Alex Avard suggested (opens in new tab), or donning a helmet and joining the fray in Halo Infinite? Could his Mandalorian character even be crossing over into an unannounced Star Wars game? Has Esposito worked on a currently unannounced game for next-gen consoles? Nobody knows, but we do know this isn't his first video game gig - he did VO and mo-cap work for PayDay 2 DLC. Fingers crossed this role is slightly more substantial. 

Will Esposito's game join the best upcoming games of 2020 and beyond (opens in new tab)? Perhaps. 

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