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The Love Guru wins at the Razzies

Sure, the shiny golden baldies will be handed out Sunday night (be sure to check out full coverage) of the night, but certain corners of Hollywood had their eyes on the Razzies this Saturday.

The annual focus on everything that isn’t so golden in moviemaking awarded three of its less-than-sought-after Golden Raspberries to The Love Guru (Worst Picture, Worst Actor for Mike Myers) and Worst Screenplay).

Paris Hilton was singled out also, nabbing Worst Actress and Couple of The Hottie And The Nottie and Worst Supporting Actress for Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Uwe Boll, meanwhile, took home worst career achievement, essentially for being “Germany’s answer to Ed Wood”. Cheap shot, but what are you going to do after In The Name Of The King and Postal?

There were a couple of big names targeted also – Pierce Brosnan’s gurgling singing voice won him Worst Supporting Actor for Mamma Mia, while Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull got Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off Or Sequel.

[Source: Golden Raspberry Foundation ]

Chime in – are the Razzies funny or unfair? Still relevant or stagnant?