The Last of Us TV showrunner talks fearing "anger and judgments" from fans

The Last of Us
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The Last of Us TV adaptation showrunner Craig Mazin has spoken about fears surrounding the forthcoming series.

In the latest episode of the Scriptnotes podcast, which Mazin hosts alongside fellow writer John August, the former host spoke about his personal worries about adapting The Last of us for TV. You can see the full quote from Mazin just below, which has handily been chronicled by members of The Last of Us subreddit, where Mazin talks about fearing the "anger and judgments" from the internet at large.

However, Mazin makes it clear he's resolved to "take care" of the show, because if he can accomplish this, he believes people will love it. "So you must do what you're afraid of. You can't allow the internet to win," the showrunner and writer concludes of his forthcoming adaptation.

The Last of Us TV show is in production right now in Canada. Just less than two weeks ago in September, HBO finally released a look at Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay as Joel and Ellie, respectively, displaying a picture of the two character with their backs turned to the camera, glancing out at a crashed plane on a nearby hilltop.

The series is actually still recruiting cast members, even in the midst of the ongoing production. Just yesterday on October 6, it was revealed that Friday Night Lights actor Brad Leland had been cast in a mysterious new role, referred only to as "Mr. Adler." There's precious little information to go on right now about Leland's character, but it's clear that HBO is expanding the scope of the show.

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