The Last of Us TV show leak reveals how HBO will bring a major location to life

The Last of Us
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

A The Last of Us TV show leak has revealed how HBO is transforming a small town in Canada.

Yesterday on November 2, the four images seen below made their way online, reportedly from a town council meeting in Canmore, Alberta. The four images are from a presentation given to the town council detailing how the town of Canmore will be transformed to fit the role of Jackson, Wyoming, later this month in November.

It's also worth noting that a complete video recording of said town council meeting was previously uploaded to YouTube, but has since been taken down. However, according to comments on Twitter from those who saw the video, it's said that episode seven of the 10-episode season will be filmed in Canmore while it doubles for Jackson.

This is just the latest of countless details relating to the production of The Last of Us TV show to make their way online. Over the last month, we've seen set photos of Pedro Pascal as Joel, Anna Torv as Tess, and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, as well as another set photo giving us our first look at the "infected" of the horror adaptation.

As for the current details though, it appears HBO's adaptation will be visiting Jackson in Wyoming during episode seven of the 10-episode season. In the original game from Naughty Dog, this is where protagonist Joel regroups with brother Tommy, who will be portrayed by Gabriel Luna in the forthcoming adaptation

We don't have a release date right now for HBO's adaptation, but a director previously hinted at a 2022 release window.

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