The Last of Us showrunners were just as "nervous" as you about adapting the game for TV

The Last of Us showrunners Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have explained how they feel a similar nervousness to fans when adapting the game for TV.

In a new promotional video featuring Druckmann, Mazin, Joel actor Pedro Pascal, Ellie actor Bella Ramsey, and head of PlayStation Productions Asad Qizilbash, the creators acknowledged the trepidation felt by some fans as one of the most beloved video game IPs of a generation is being turned into a hit TV show for HBO. Apparently, they often share similar feelings in making the series.

"They've been those characters," Druckmann said.

"Also, the replay factor on those games is extraordinarily high," added Mazin. "So they have not just experienced it once or twice but many multiple times, and so there is an intimacy that they have with these characters. That's why I think that a lot of fans were nervous about the game being adapted at all, and I understand that. I get nervous."

"We had the same nervousness," Druckmann said.

Fortunately, Mazin said it's "a good nervousness" and argued that "it's good to be nervous. It means you care."

HBO's The Last of Us has been universally praised for pretty much all of its aspects, not least of which its ability to stay strictly faithful to the game while expanding certain elements, like Bill and Frank's tragic love story in episode 3 and Ellie's friendship with Riley in episode 7.

For more on the latest episode, here's our breakdown of The Last of Us episode 7 and the biggest changes from the game.

Jordan Gerblick

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