The Last of Us Day roundup: Free PS4 theme, new board game, and more from Naughty Dog

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The Last of Us Day doesn't officially start until Saturday, but Naughty Dog has kicked off the renamed celebration a day early.

There's a free new PS4 dynamic theme to download, which is a bit of a spoiler for anyone who hasn't completed the game yet but will be very meaningful for everyone who has. There's a new Photo Mode contest to participate in. There's even an-all new The Last of Us game - a board game, but still! Here's a recap of the biggest plans Naughty Dog has shared for The Last of Us Day.

The Last of Us 2 merch

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If you want to adorn your home with more The Last of Us things, you are officially in business. A series of new statues and figures from Gaming Heads and Mamegyorai let you immortalize grown-up Ellie or a younger Ellie and Joel on your desk. Meanwhile, MondoShop is offering limited-edition posters to decorate your walls and a special 2XLP vinyl pressing of The Last of Us 2's original soundtrack.

The Last of Us Board game

A new The Last of Us board game is currently in the works from CMON (which also made a card game for God of War, and is currently working on a crowdfunded Bloodborne board game). We don't know any more details about it yet, but Naughty Dog is teasing that it will bring "the characters and world of The Last of Us to a tabletop format". We'll be sure to keep you updated when CMON announces more details.Your inspired in-game photography could get you some special rewards if 

The Last of Us 2 photo mode contest

you submit your stills to Naughty Dog from October 1 through October 29. The studio is hosting a Last of Us 2 Photo Mode contest for legal residents of the US (except for Arizona) and Canada (except for Quebec). Naughty Dog will pick a set of winners and runner-ups each week, with The Last of Us 2: Ellie Edition and The Last of Us 2 DualShock 4 controllers as their respective prizes.

Abby cosplay guide

Naughty Dog shared an Ellie cosplay guide for Outbreak Day last year, so it's only fair it does the same for Abby this year. The downloadable PDF will feature detailed shots of Abby's gear and hairstyle, with an emphasis on color and material references.

Before you scroll on to see the theme, take heed of this spoiler warning! It shows an image from the end of The Last of Us 2. The image itself doesn't show any characters or context, but if you want to finish the game with no idea of what awaits at the end, do not progress past the spoiler warning kitten.

The Last of Us 2 Dynamic Theme

(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

The Last of Us 2 steadily changes its main menu to reflect your progress through the story (you might not have noticed if you just suspended and resumed it each time), and this theme recreates the final scene: a boat pulled ashore on a beach with waves gently lapping and sunny mountains further in the distance. It's a beautiful, serene vista which will have people who haven't played going "Oh, that's nice" while everybody who has will probably start sobbing. All previous The Last of Us 2 themes and avatars are also available for free through Monday.

The Last of Us 2 tops our list of the best PS4 games, but it has some stiff competition. 

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