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The Last of Us 2 story trailer is intense even in Lego form

It's a testament to the raw intensity of The Last of Us 2 (opens in new tab)'s story trailer that even when recreated entirely with Legos, it's still quite a ride.

Specifically, it's the release date reveal trailer from September 2019, which kicks off with Ellie and Dina sharing a smoke. Things escalate quickly from there as Dina fights off a clicker and Ellie is forced to watch someone off-screen be executed. The trailer closes out with a reunion between Ellie and Joel.

Of course, seeing it all play out via blood-soaked Lego pieces takes some of the edge off, but there's no softening the visceral noise of Ellie's agony ringing through echoes of gunfire. Regardless, it's a fairly 1:1 recreation, and some of the custom pieces are mighty impressive (I assume the clicker isn't an official Lego piece). You can compare it to the actual trailer from Sony as seen below.

Once you've got your kicks from the Lego trailer, be sure to check out Leon Hurley's hands-on The Last of Us 2 preview (opens in new tab), where he talks about all the death he saw playing the game and how the game makes you question and regret killing. 

"The game has an unnerving ability to snap you back to reality for a second to say ’Jesus Christ, what did I just do?’. If the Uncharted series struggled constantly with criticism about the balance between its lovable hero and his trail of bodies that looped the globe several times, The Last of Us 2 isn’t pulling a single punch and Ellie owns every kill unrepentantly," Leon writes.

With the June 19 release date finally in sight, here's when you'll be able to read our The Last of Us 2 review (opens in new tab).

Jordan Gerblick
Jordan Gerblick

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