The Last of Us 2 out-of-bounds video reveals the inner workings of the WLF stadium base

The Last of Us 2 Abby
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A The Last of Us 2 out-of-bounds video has given fans a better insight into the WLF’s stadium headquarters. 

The latest video in Speclizer (opens in new tab)’s out-of-bounds series - where the YouTuber explores the out-of-bounds areas of The Last of Us 2 - we get to see more of the Washington Liberation Front’s stadium base than we were able to see in the game. 

Starting next to the dog kennels which we do get to visit in the game, Speclizer takes us across the other side of the stadium where we get to see how the WLF farm for resources with what appears to be some livestock placed in the centre of the stadium, as well as rows of crops which are being tended to. 

On the other side of the stadium, we meet a bunch of textureless NPCs that litter the stalls before heading inside the HQ’s gym which is full of people pumping iron. What’s interesting about this room though is its chalkboard which features a class timetable as well as a humorous 'April Fools note' which reads: "All claims of infection will be investigated, joke or not. Be smart." It’s nice to see that even during the apocalypse, people still have a sense of humour. 

This is just one of many out-of-bounds secrets uncovered by Speclizer in the video with the other standout entry being that Joel is actually forming accurate chords when playing guitar (opens in new tab) in the game. In previous videos, discoveries include what the inside of Joel’s Jackson home looks like as well as the fact that the character models in the game are so detailed, they have fingerprints

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