The Last of Us 2 beats God of War and Spider-Man to become the most completed PS4 game of all time

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The Last of Us 2 is the most completed PS4 game, according to newly discovered PlayStation trophy data.

As first spotted by Ungeek, the details of The Last of Us Part 2 's "What I Had to Do" trophy, which players receive for completing the game's campaign, reveals that 58% of those who own Naughty Dog's sequel have acquired it. 

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That means over half of The Last of Us 2 players have completed all 20 to 25 hours of the campaign, and that doesn't include those who haven't synced up their trophies. 

This may seem relatively meagre, but it actually makes The Last of Us 2 one of the most completed PS4  games that we can identify so far, beating the likes of Spider-Man PS4, God of War, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which also have their own trophies for beating each of their respective campaigns. 

For comparison, 53.3% of players have completed Final Fantasy 7 Remake, 51.5% have rolled credits on God of War, and 50.7% have closed out Peter Parker's story in Spider-Man PS4. As you can see, God of War's creative director Cory Barlog wasn't too pleased about the news...

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Naughty Dog recently released an update to The Last of Us 2 that'll likely see players beat the campaign all over again, adding new difficulty modes and bonus features such as filters, permadeath, and more. As for the game's multiplayer spin-off, the studio is still remaining mum about that for now...

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