The Justice League Blu-ray has one (count ‘em, *one*) deleted scene - but there's a catch

Sorry, folks. For those of you eager to feast your eyes on the mythical Zack Snyder cut of Justice League, or just anything extra, really, this might be the final death knell. The Blu-ray is coming with only a single deleted scene – and it gets worse (for those of you in America, anyway). Basically: pray you live near a Walmart.

According to Screen Crush, the US release – it hasn’t been confirmed worldwide yet – will come with just one deleted scene. Hardly the litany of lost scenes that fans were hoping for, but, hey, it’s better than nothing… right?

Except, y’know, it might end up being nothing after all. You can’t just go to any old place to buy your Justice League Blu-ray. No siree. The deleted scene, weirdly, is a Walmart exclusive. 

Unless that deal was struck a long while back, it comes across as extremely tone-deaf on Warner Bros’ part. Fans clamouring for a longer and/or original cut of Justice League has been the main sticking point post-release, and now they have to go out of their way just to get a crumb of a cut scene.

So, what is the deleted scene? Well, we don’t even know that yet, but we do have a release date: March 31 in the US. It will be hitting the UK a little earlier on March 26, but Amazon’s UK store shows no reference to any deleted scene, nor any other bonus features. Surely Justice League won’t confine its one deleted scene to a chain of stores in the US? 

Image: Warner Bros.

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