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The Game of Thrones season 7 trailer could be here VERY soon (if this prediction is correct)

We’ve had Game of Thrones season 7 teasers involving a whole lot of sitting down, a bunch of images that tell us very little and, heck, even an ice-melting release date PR stunt but where is the trailer, I hear you cry? Well, if this prediction comes true (and it definitely makes sense) then it could be arriving very, very soon. Like today soon.

What Culture have crunched the numbers and worked out that it all comes down to 21 days. There were exactly three weeks between the first teaser on March 9th, the Long Walk teaser on March 30th and, finally, the brand-new images on April 20th.

No need to check the calendar, though. 21 days from April 20th is, May 11th which is umm, today. 

The theory certainly makes a lot of sense, one gap of three weeks followed by another of equal length can’t be written off as simple coincidence. Or maybe HBO are setting us up for yet more Westerosi heartbreak, the big ol’ meanies.

Let’s cross our fingers and pray to the Many-Faced God that we’ll be feasting our eyes on the full trailer at some point today.

Image: HBO

Bradley Russell

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