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The FrightFest 2013 Awards!

FrightFest 2013 offered more than 50 films and a consistency of quality that places it among the strongest line-ups in the festival’s 14-year history.

There wasn’t a masterpiece on show, but the gems were frequent.

As ever with FrightFest, all the genre’s staples were present and correct – zombies, ghosts, home invaders, aliens, cults, serial killers, rednecks, monsters, torturers, mad scientists, cannibals, final days – but the roster felt fresh, the films brimming with verve and unexpected swerves.

So, here is Total Film’s annual awards, celebrating the best of the fest:

Best Film

Nominations: Big Bad Wolves , Dark Touch , We Are What We Are , Willow Creek , You’re Next
Winner: We Are What We Are

Best Director

Nominations: Marina De Van ( Dark Touch ), Gareth Huw Evans & Timo Tjahjanto (‘ Safe Haven ’ segment of V/H/S/2 ), Aharon Keshales & Navot Papushado ( Big Bad Wolves ), Jim Mickle (We Are What We Are), Adam Wingard (You’re Next)
Winner: Gareth Huw Evans & Timo Tjahjanto (‘ Safe Haven ’)

Best Actor

Nominations: Michael Cudlitz ( Dark Tourist ), Iain De Caestecker ( In Fear ), Tzahi Grad ( Big Bad Wolves ), Pat Healy ( Cheap Thrills ), Anton Yelchin ( Odd Thomas )
Winner: Michael Cudlitz ( Dark Tourist )

Best Actress

Alexie Gilmore ( Willow Creek ), Alice Macdonald ( Contracted ), Dawn Olivieri ( Missionary ), Sharni Vinson ( You’re Next ), Ambyr Childers ( We Are What We Are )

Winner: Sharni Vinson ( You’re Next )

Scariest Movie

Nominations: Banshee Chapter , In Fear , V/H/S/2 , Willow Creek , You’re Next
Winner: Banshee Chapter

Best Death

Nominations: Vicar losing head ( Curse Of Chucky ), Dad’s dinner ( We Are What We Are ), Spontaneous combustion (‘ Safe Haven ’ segment of V/H/S/2 ), Food blender ( You’re Next) , Bear fight ( The Last Days )
Winner: Spontaneous combustion (‘ Safe Haven ’ segment of V/H/S/2 )

Best Scare

Nominations: Leg grab ( Banshee Chapter ), Arm through trailer door ( We Are What We Are ), Knocking wood ( Willow Creek ), Bulging canvas ( Willow Creek ), Body through window ( You’re Next )
Winner: Bulging canvas ( Willow Creek )

Gross-out Moment
Nominations: Vomiting blood into mouth ( Contracted ), Vaginal maggots ( Contracted ), Brain coming out ( Frankenstein’s Army ), Human body bag ( No One Lives ), The whole bloody film ( On Tender Hooks ),
Winner: The whole bloody film ( On Tender Hooks )

Best Creatures
Nominations: The Dead 2: India , Frankenstein’s Army , Odd Thomas , R.I.P.D ., V/H/S/2
Winner: Frankenstein’s Army

Best ‘Film that’s got no mention elsewhere but was really good so deserves an award’ Award
Winner: 100 Bloody Acres

Most Unnecessary Sequel Award
Winner: I Spit On Your Grave 2

Best FrightFest Guest
Bobcat Goldthwait for being consistently hilarious when introducing the festival on opening night and when introducing screenings of Willow Creek . Special kudos for repeatedly (but affectionately) ribbing FrightFest lord Ian Rattray.

Editor-at-Large, Total Film

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