The first screens and details of Gun Loco - WTF?

Square Enix has lifted the veil on this game called Gun Loco, and it lives up to its name. Of course, it's Square Enix; you wouldn't really expect those guys to make a non-loco third-person shooter, would you?

Apparently the game has something to do with super crazy criminals shipped off to some remote island for prisoners. You've got tosurvive this murderous anarchist colony, even if it means flexing the tattoo of carrots etched on your arm.

Above: Bugs Bunny only wishes he could look this cool

The art development process for Gun Loco is as fascinating as the out-of-context screenshots released today. At the helm of the game's design is surrealist action figure creator Kenny Wong. He's best known for his line of Brothersworker action figures which look like they'd make a kick-ass show on Adult Swim.

Above: A smattering of some of Wong’s unique creations

When Square Enix offered Wong the opportunity to design the characters for Gun Loco, he went a step further and actually created action figures for every single creature in the game. Developers then digitally scanned the toys into their awesome digital-toy-scan-compatible computers and voila! Before you knew it, a half-naked man with a bunny head and a dude with goggles and a broccoli afro were born.

Above: Forget Grand Theft Auto. These guys should be out there killing strippers

And to think this is just the beginning of the cavalcade of loony criminals we can expect in Gun Loco... we are intrigued.

With support for 12-player online matches, this certainly won't be your typical game of kill or be killed. Gun Loco will be available exclusively for the Xbox 360 sometime next year.

Above: Yeah, don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of killing in the game too

Check outthe rest of the screensin our viewer!

Aug 16, 2010