The faces of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Like its original outing on the PSone, Final Fantasy Tactics will feature hidden characters that enterprising players can ferret out and add to their parties. The first one listed here was in the original game, but the other two are new to the PSP version, and all three are formidable heroes in their own right. Here's a little bit of background to give you an idea of what they're doing here:

Cloud Strife
"I don't care about names. What I need is a battlefield."

Besrudio Bunansa discovered a marvel of ancient technology called a "transporter" in Tunnel 83, far beneath the city of Goug. This peculiar machine summoned Cloud from another dimension. Perhaps in shock from his interdimensional journey, he complains of headaches, mumbling foreign words such as "Sephiroth." It is unknown whether he can return to his own world.

Above, from left: Cloud Strife, Balthier Bunansa, Luso

Balthier Bunansa
"I'm a sky pirate."

Balthier is a free spirit who owes allegiance to no man or country. He travels in his ship, the Strahl, stealing from the evil and corrupt. His skills as a machinist and thief are second to none. Balthier is searching for the Cache of Glabados, and is currently traveling with Ramza - clickhereto learn where you can find him.

"It's fun never knowing what lies ahead."

Luso is a young hunter who still retains a boyish innocence. (He's also the hero of the upcomingFinal Fantasy Tactics A2on the DS.) Rescued from an attack by monsters in the Zeklaus Desert, Luso decides to travel with Ramza until such time as he can reunite with his former companions. He records each day's events in a leatherbound book that he carries with him at all times.