The faces of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Alma Beoulve
"To live in an age so wondrous is a blessing - but to live in Ivalice, even more one."

Alma is Ramza's true younger sister, born of a different mother than the elder Beoulve siblings. She attends the Eagrose Preparatory Akademy, and her bright and cheerful demeanor charms all those around her. Since birth, Alma has spent almost her entire life within a monastery, only recently returning to live at the Beoulve mansion. Because of their similarities - and closeness in age - she gets along better with Ramza than she does with her other brothers.

Above, from left: Alma Beoulve, Ovelia Atkascha, Agrias Oaks

Princess Ovelia Atkascha
"Would that I were born no princess."

Ovelia is the adopted daughter of King Ondoria Atkascha III, ruler of the kingdom of Ivalice. She formally joined House Atkascha after the death of Ondoria's second son.

Though it is widely believed that she is the trueborn child of the late King Denamda IV, making her the half sister of Ondoria, she is, in fact, not of the royal bloodline. The Council, who abhor the prospect of Ondoria's wife Queen Louveria ruling the kingdom, installed her in place of the true princess (who died long ago) so that she might succeed to the throne. Her true parentage is unknown.

Soon after Princess Ovelia entered the royal family, Queen Louveria gave birth to a third son, Prince Orinus Atkascha. The princess was then entrusted to the care of Duke Larg, who arranged for her to be fostered within the quiet sanctuary of Orbonne Monastery.

Agrias Oaks
"Have you no pride - no honor?"

A female knight serving in the Lionsguard, the Crown's personal shields. Rising tensions between the Dukes Larg and Goltanna after the death of Ondoria III led to fears for the safety of Princess Ovelia, and the Council dispatched Lady Oaks to Orbonne Monastery as a guard. Her loyalty to the royal family is unwavering, as is her strong sense of moral clarity. Agrias sympathizes with Ovelia for having to live sequestered away from the rest of the kingdom.