The faces of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Delita Heiral
"'Tis your birth and faith that wrong you... not I."

Ramza's most trusted childhood friend and fellow knight apprentice at the Royal Military Akademy in the town of Gariland. Born of a stablehand and his wife, Delita and his sister, Tietra, were taken in by House Beoulve when their parents succumbed to the Black Death. Through the influence of Ramza's father, the late Lord Barbaneth, Delita was admitted to the Akademy, a privilege ordinarily reserved for sons and daughters of the aristocracy. However, as a commoner among nobles (with a girl's name, no less), he has often felt out of place.

Above, from left: Delita Heiral, Argath Thadalfus

Argath Thadalfus
"Animals have no God!!"

Born in Ivalice's Limberry region, Argath was a knight apprentice in the household of its ruler, Marquis Elmdore. His family was brought to ruin during the Fifty Years' War, and it was Argath's ambition to restore honor to the Thadalfus name by becoming a knight. Argath is introduced as an ally to Ramza, but he eventually switches sides and is slain during the battle of Fort Ziekden. His story doesn't end there, however, as he's soon revived as a Death Knight by a cabal of demons known as the Lucavi and readied for another confrontation with Ramza.