The Evolution Of Jennifer Aniston

Just Go With It (2011)

Trotting out another rom-com does seem a tired charade by now, and a remake of an adaptation with Adam Sandler may not have been the best way to go.

Cruising up to almost quarter of a billion at the box-office Aniston proved her, now seemingly unshakeable, appeal yet again. Although the film was savaged by the critics, teaming up with Sandler was a wise business move.

That’s So Rachel! It's like she's helping out her former fiance Doctor Bobby pick up women after divorcing Ross two bambinos later. We're not so sure Ms Green would find herself wrapped up in this kind of hi-jinx.

Horrible Bosses (2011)

A very different role for Jen, and a welcome character shift. Dentist Dr Julia Harris is a sexual predator and blackmailer, and she looks incredible eating a popsicle, a banana and a hot dog (in that order!) in just her underwear.

Although some people seemed more consumed by her switch to dark hair. “I’m the one who insisted on the dark hair,” Aniston says. “I was doing a movie right before this and one after that had me looking more like me, and I knew this character had to be different.”

That’s So Rachel! Rachel was never this deviant, but she could do professional and sexy. No underwear in The One Where No One Is Ready sticks in the mind...

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