The Epic Games Store gave out almost 750 million free games in 2020

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The Epic Games Store has announced that a total of 749 million free games were claimed from the platform last year. 

That number comes from the Epic Games Store 2020 Year-in-Review, which contains all sorts of noteworthy stats. For instance, if you managed to claim all 103 free games from Epic Games Store promos last year, you would've saved yourself a whopping $2407. 

While millions of free game codes were given out last year, 160 million spendy PC gamers also splurged a collective 700 million on the Epic Games Store - 265 million of that was spent on third-party games, while the remaining 435 million was for Epic-published games, meaning Fortnite.

Likely in-part due to lockdowns and travel restrictions from the pandemic, Epic says its players spent 5.7 billion hours gaming in 2020, up 70% from 2019. Likewise, there was a 192% bump in daily active players in 2020. 

The most popular games on the Epic Games Store last year were Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Satisfactory, Fortnite (*gasp*), SnowRunner, Godfall, Borderlands 3, Rocket League, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, GTA 5, and Rogue Company.

In case you're wondering, Epic is still giving away weekly free games. A couple of weeks back the platform was giving away Star Wars Battlefront 2, which turned out to be a roaring success with over 19 million downloads. Right now you can get Dandara, Trials of Fear Edition for free until February 4.

Gaming's on the rise all around, as just recently Steam reported a 50% increase in hours of games played from 2019 to 2020.

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