Over 19 million people got Star Wars Battlefront 2 during Epic Games Store promo

Star Wars Battlefront 2
(Image credit: EA)

Over 19 million players grabbed Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the Epic Games Store during its free promo last week, according to a Tweet from the official EA Star Wars account. 

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The Epic Games Store promo gave players a chance to grab the Star Wars Battlefront 2: Celebration Edition - which is the base game plus two years' worth of updates - from January 14 to January 21. The amount of people who decided to travel to a galaxy far, far away long after the game's final content drop is staggering. It's further proof that the players still have a vested interest in the title, despite EA ending support for the game last year. 

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has had quite the roller coaster ride in the court of public opinion, with a messy launch overstuffed with microtransactions that forced Disney to step in and issue support for the removal of in-game payments.

After the microtransactions were removed, however, Battlefront 2 enjoyed quite the resurgence in popularity. Now there's TikToks dedicated to the Heroes vs Villains game mode and over 438million views on the Battlefront 2 hashtag. And as we reported, Star Wars Battlefront 2 free week on Epic Games Store caused some server issues on EA's end, with players receiving error codes suggesting their EA account was restricted. The server issues clearly didn't deter Battlefront players, as 19 million people grabbed the game in only a week. 

Despite its popularity, EA Star Wars makes it infinitely clear in its celebratory message that there won't be anymore Battlefront 2 DLC. April 2020 saw the game's last big update inspired by Rogue One, and there hasn't been new content since. That doesn't mean the game isn't still enjoyable, as it's obvious Battlefront 2's popularity will extend long beyond its roadmap. 

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