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The easiest Achievements and Trophies of 2009

Easy Trophy total:All 12 trophies

Time necessary: Four hours

This $5 oddity from the creator of Katamari is a great, creative PSN exclusive based around the very odd idea of stretching a caterpillarish thing as much as possible. It’s full of the endearingly weird stuff the game’s creator is known for, and while it perhaps wasn’t the best game last year, it’s without a doubt one of the most original.

Above: Just eat the title in the manual for a very easy gold Trophy

Thanks to the game’s wacky style and lack of clear goals, it’s got some of the easiest trophies around. Most involve just stretching Boy a certain amount or eating a set number of people. And the gold Trophy requires you to eat the title in the in-game manual. Since it’s a PSN game, there’s no platinum, but that’s certainly one of the simplest golds we’ve seen.

Time necessary: Eight hours

Having the dubious honor of our Anti-Award forworst game with best story, Eat Lead wasn’t an atrocious game, even if at least one boss battle is so bad it could count as a war crime. But this lackluster third-person shooter had such a great premise, and so much genuine humor going on, that it made us pretty sad that few could bring themselves to suffer through the gameplay for the laughs.

Above: You can earn your first hundred in less than five minutes

So maybe it will encourage you to give this game a try if you know it’s filled with very gettable Achievements/Trophies. In our first standard play-through on 360, we got nearly 800 points in the eight hours it took to beat the campaign, and another 100 shortly after that. Not only do you get tons of points for unmissable campaign moments, but many rewards are jokes: starting the game, trying to play nonexistent multiplayer or pressing pause, with some witty descriptions for good measure. It almost makes the game fun to play… almost.

Time necessary: Eight hours

Remember that hilarious viral sound-bite of Christian Bale yelling at some guy? It was probably the funniest thing to happen all year. Well, few may know this, but during that tirade, they were filming an underwhelming movie called Terminator: Salvation. And as companies are fond of doing, a tie-in game was made for this little-seen release, and boy did it suck. Christian Bale's likeness was not included, it had THREE enemy-types outside of its horrible driving sections, and it was just an ugly, boring Gears of War rip-off.

Above: Yup, they couldn't get the rights to Christian Bale

But here's an end-of-the-year countdown where this lackluster game can shine. That’s because it had some of the most straightforward goals of 2009. The game was so bereft of imagination that all its Achievements/Trophies are campaign related. Just finish the game on normal and you’ll have gained 820 points or all but one gold Trophy in the game with just a few hours’ work. Now the final award involves beating the game on hard, and we didn’t feel it was worth it, as the game can get insanely cheap on that setting. But if you must have all 1,000 or the platinum Trophy, then have at it, you nut.