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The easiest Achievements and Trophies of 2009

Easy Achievement total: 875 points

Time necessary: Six hours

This title is the gaming equivalent of a B-movie if ever there was one. An FPS released within a week of Modern Warfare 2, it stars one of the stupidest mercenaries alive, whose team crashes in the Bermuda Triangle while looking for a scientist who’s been lost for decades. The twist is that the island they land on is infested with dinosaurs, as they seem to have gone back in time. Perhaps never hearing of the Butterfly Effect, the star kills literally hundreds of soon-to-be fossils using the many conveniently located weapons just lying around the island. Filled with plot holes and terrible dialogue, this upscaled Wii game isn't worth the $40 it retails for.

Above: More like JurASSic, right? Right?

On the plus side, it may be bad, but it comes in such small portions. It takes about four hours to reach the game's ludicrous ending, and perhaps another three to beat it on hard. Thanks to the many unimaginative "kill x amount of y"-based Achievements, you'll be at least 800 points richer in one lazy Sunday of play. Plus it’s at least meant for grown-ups, which is more than we can say for the next entries.