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The Doom guy gets back to demon-slaying roots in single-player reveal

Bethesda has finally cast aside the blackout curtain on Doom's single-player campaign, taking viewers to Hell and back in an hour-long stream. The gameplay begins about 15 minutes in, at which point the good ol' space marine starts ripping and tearing with no regard for the sanctity of demonic life.

It looks like a nifty blend of classic Doom with modern gameplay conceits, such as side challenges and some truly grisly melee takedowns. Developer id Software says the single-player campaign will take the average player about 13 to 15 hours to clear on the normal difficulty setting, so you should have plenty of demon slaying to do even if you don't ever try Doom's multiplayer modes. You'll get it all in one package when Doom is released on May 13.

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Connor Sheridan
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