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Doom will launch with six multiplayer modes filled with demons and souls

We finally know all the multiplayer modes that will be featured in Doom (opens in new tab) at launch, and budding demonologists will be pleased to hear nearly all of them let you ditch your space marine body to become an unholy beast. If you play online shooters regularly, you'll recognize several genre standbys here - each with some twists to favor Doom's fast, close quarters combat.

The video gives you a pretty good look at Soul Harvest, Freeze Tag, and Warpath, so I'll just run down how they might differ from your expectations, via Bethesda's official site (opens in new tab): killing enemies and taking their souls is the only way to win in Soul Harvest, but you can also grab your fallen allies' souls to deny the enemy team points; if you don't have time to defrost an ally in Freeze Tag, you can try to blast them into an environmental hazard and let them respawn; and Warpath has a Demon Rune (which turns you into a super-powerful monster) orbit on the opposite side of the path from the capture point, giving locked-out teams a risky path to victory.

Domination mode is a standard "capture the points" match, with random Demon Rune drops to shake things up. Team Deathmatch will also have Demon Runes, though "power-ups and power weapons" will play a big role here (Bethesda says it will explain more about those soon). Last up is Clan Arena, which is your standard Counter-Strike style, respawn-disabled showdown; Clan Arena is also the only announced multiplayer mode to leave out Demon Runes and other pick-ups. Those who prefer playing as skeletons with jetpacks and shoulder-mounted rocket launchers will just have to be satisfied with the five other modes.

Bethesda plans to release Doom on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 13. If you pre-ordered Wolfenstein: The New Order (opens in new tab) way back when, you'll be able to try out Doom's multiplayer early in a closed beta (opens in new tab) starting March 31.

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