The Crow reboot emerges from development hell yet again

The Crow
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The fabled reboot of The Crow has peaked its head out from the pits of development hell once again, but it's not all good news.

In a new interview with IndieWire, The Crow producer Ed Pressman confirmed that The Crow reboot is still a thing. In fact, it's said to be "in development as a reboot," with Pressman expecting a new director and cast to be announced in the near future. The last we heard on The Crow reboot was back in 2016 when Jason Momoa was in talks to star, but sadly that project has been canned.

Fans of the 1994 cult classic superhero movie The Crow have had a rough go of it since a remake/reboot/reinvention/reimagining – you get it – was announced in the prehistoric days (in internet terms) of 2008. There have been so many companies and big names attached – and subsequently detached – in the 14 years since then that it can be hard to put a lot of stock into new developments.

The laundry list of actors that have reportedly either been in talks or considered for roles in The Crow reboot include Momoa, Bradley Cooper, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hiddleston, Luke Evans, Norman Reedus, and more.

It's unclear why The Crow reboot is hitting so many roadblocks, but it's worth noting that the original movie's director, Alex Proyas, really doesn't want a reboot to happen. "I personally tried to squash it every time I hear of one, not that I believe I've been able to," Proyas said on the Hughezy Entertainment podcast in 2020.

"So that's what the movie is, it's just not a movie that can be remade. It's one man's legacy. And it should be treated with that level of respect," he added, referring to The Crow's late star, Brandon Lee.

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