The first teaser for Gareth Edwards' new sci-fi The Creator looks epic

Gareth Edwards is back with a new, epic sci-fi. In the first trailer for the Rogue One director’s upcoming movie, humanity is facing its biggest threat yet: the rise of AI. Although, we’re not talking ChatGPT here – this enemy is capable of unleashing nuclear warheads and detonating cities.

The story picks up in the wake of the destruction of Los Angeles caused by AI. Armies have risen up to try and fight against its threat and fight for their "very existence". But it won’t be an easy task, as we see in one moment of the teaser, the AI isn’t a faceless robot but instead appears as a young child.

The cast is led by Tenet’s John David Washington as Joshua, who is an ex-special forces agent haunted by the loss of his wife (played by Gemma Chan). When he finds the child, it sets him on a path full of moral dilemmas and painful truths as he must choose whether to protect her or sacrifice her for the greater good. 

"Execute her, or we go extinct," warns one character, as we see Joshua on the run. The first trailer also has some hints of Terminator, Alita: Battle Angel, and Ex Machina

Ralph Ineson, Allison Janney, Ken Watanabe, and Amar Chadha-Patel also star in the new movie, which looks suitably epic in this first look. We’d expect nothing less from the director who since his break-out with the stunning Monsters in 2010, has become known for his innovative work on the Star Wars prequel Rogue One and Godzilla.

The Creator arrives in theaters on September 29. For more upcoming movies, check out our breakdown of 2023 movie release dates.

Fay Watson

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