The Control sequel and spin-off are ramping up, Remedy says

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Remedy Entertainment has provided an update on two of its previously announced Control projects for the first time in a year. 

As part of a fiscal earnings call (via GameSpot), Remedy provided an update on both of its upcoming Control games. Despite not having heard about them since June last year though, it seems like the games are still relatively early on in their production. 

The project that's likely further along is codenamed Condor. This is announced to be a four-player cooperative spin-off set in the Control universe. How this will work or what it will focus on isn’t clear, and it seems it might still be a little while until it’s officially revealed. The game is still in the ‘proof of concept’ stage, but Remedy said: “We are giving the team time to work on a multitude of important game design elements and finalize the key pillars before moving the project to the next development phase.”

That’s not all though. Remedy also gave an update on a project codenamed Heron, which is a sequel to Control. The developer said the project is still in the concept stage but added: “Based on the well-progressing early development, the team size has been gradually increased.” It was also added that this project has a bigger budget, though as a full-blown sequel, that isn’t a huge surprise.

Remedy also gave a small update on Alan Wake 2 confirming that the game, despite still needing a lot of work, is still planned to launch in 2023. 

It’s great to see Remedy commit so completely to Control, as it’s a great game with an amazing atmosphere and vibe to it. It’s also a universe with a lot of room to expand its scope and story. More broadly though, If you’re a fan of Remedy’s output, it seems you’re going to be well fed in the coming years.

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