The Complete SFX Guide To Ghostbusters: ON SALE NOW!

When there's something strange, in your neighbourhood...

Who ya gonna call? Well, SFX obviously. We've put together this anniversary special to celebrate the 30th birthday of the best, the beautiful, the only Ghostbusters .

In this massive 164-page special issue, we have...

The Making of Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II
We look back at the making of the 1984 original and it's almost-as-good sequel (which itself turns 25 this year), with quotes from the people who made the movies.

We talk to Ernie Hudson (Winston), Annie Potts (Janine), William Atherton (Walter Peck) as well as producers Michael C Gross, Joe Medjuck and a whole host of special effects artists.

Tribute to Harold Ramis
The legend who created and played Egon Spengler passed away earlier this year. We look back at his hugely successful career and life in comedy.

The Top 40 screen spooks!
The scariest screen spooks, as voted for by you, our dear readers. Who's at number one? Slimer? Pipes? The kid from The Devil's Backbone ? Or someone else entirely... (Hint: it's not Bill Cosby in Ghost Dad .)

The spin-offs
From The Real Ghostbusters to the videogames via comics and Extreme Ghostbusters , we delve into the extended Ghostbusters universe.

Ghostbusters 3
So, that third film... We look at the long and winding road the script has taken to (almost) production. Is it happening? Who will be in it? We've no idea, but we're also speculating on the cast and what the new car might be like...

All this and more, available now in good newsagents or direct from us in print or digitally. Buy it, or we'll set Zuul on you! Order in print , to download to your iPad or iPhone , on Google Play for Android , Zinio and Nook devices right now. Buy it, or we'll set Zuul on you!

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