The Boys season 3 premiere script title revealed, teasing the arrival of another rival (and depraved) superhero team

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The Boys showrunner Eric Kripke has teased the arrival of a new group in season 3. The man behind the Amazon Prime series posted an image of the upcoming premiere’s script on Twitter, with the title directly referencing a team known as Payback. 

Vought’s secondary Supe group are a direct parody of Marvel’s Avengers and are led by Soldier Boy – with Jensen Ackles already confirmed to appear as the patriotic hero. It appears that the show will get even more extreme as it moves into The Boys season 3, with Kripke noting “You’re not F***ing ready” for what’s ahead. 

Other members of Payback have already been seen in The Boys season 2, with Stormfront being the most notable – although she won’t be much use after that explosive finale. Heroes like Tek-Knight and Crimson Countess were already sneakily name-dropped during the first season in throwaway lines. And in the latest batch of episodes, the Deep met Eagle the Archer, an obvious parody of Hawkeye. 

Antony Starr’s Homelander might find himself battling it out for the most depraved superhero of the year if Tek-Knight makes it to the screen. The uniquely bizarre individual has no powers, but dons a battle armour clearly referencing the likes of Iron Man and Batman and, in the comics, has some uncontrollable sexual urges that are pretty problematic. Kripke previously teased Ackles’ Soldier Boy will also have a mean streak, revealing that he won’t be the bumbling idiot from the comics.

After becoming as cunning as Billy Butcher himself, our investigative digging suggests that the series could arrive in the early months of 2022. Unless the cast and crew get dosed with Compound-V and production moves by at super-speed of course. Until Eric Kripke reveals more about The Boys season 3, check out the best shows on Amazon Prime.

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