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The Bourne Legacy sequel gets a 2015 release date

Jeremy Renner will return to the Bourne series as Aaron Cross in 2015, with Universal confirming an official release date for the follow-up to The Bourne Legacy .

The studio has now confirmed that the film will open in the US on 14 August 2015, throwing it into the maelstrom of what promises to be the most competitive blockbuster summer of all time.

That said, its only direct competition opening on that date at present is The Smurfs 3 , so the situation could probably be worse…

With Tony Gilroy no longer involved, the new film will be helmed by Justin Lin, with Anthony Peckham currently hard at work on a script.

Plot details are non-existent at this stage, although we’d assumed the action will pick up where the last film left off, with Aaron Cross having fled his pursuers for pastures far-flung.

As for whether Bourne himself will turn up, we’d suggest the absence of both Gilroy and Paul Greengrass would make the chances of a Matt Damon return somewhat remote. Still, we live in hope…

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