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The Biggest Flakes of 2007


As much as we're anticipating the upcoming release of Devil May Cry 4, we have to wonder what took so long. This fourth entry appears remarkably similar to its last-gen predecessors. Heck, the game's two heroes are just the old hero plus a new guy who looks exactly like the old hero. Why aren't we playing this already?
(Now expected February 5, 2008)


Despite all the infuriating delays, last year's release calendar was still insanely busy. (No, seriously, bat shit insane.) So, considering the glut of other military shooters that Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway would have been forced to compete with, we can kinda understand why it was moved. Nevertheless, some in the office were looking forward to this sequel more than Call of Duty 4 or Halo 3. Oh well.
(Now expected April 8, 2008)


Too Human has been delayed for more than a decade (since 1994), on three separate platforms (360, GameCube, PS1), in three different console generations (current, last and last-last) and throughtwo lawsuits.We're running out of patience... and things to say.
(Now expected July 1, 2008)


The Wii needed this game in 2007. More specifically, Wii owners between the age of 8 and 88 needed this game. We needed something that wasn't another crappy kiddie port with horrible graphics and frustrating controls. We needed something that wasn't another one-note tech demo made popular in nursing homes. We needed something cool, creative and courageous. Is No More Heroes that "something"? We still have no idea.
(Now expected February 5, 2008)


We don't know if this psychological horror game was ever scheduled for 2007. We don't know if it's scheduled for 2008, either. At this point, we wouldn't be surprised if it was scheduled for 2009, 2010, 2346 or 1972. Microsoft continues to hype it as a flagship title without giving us a shred of new information.
(Now expected... someday, possibly in the future... maybe)


Nevermind. After reading what our colleagues at sister publication Xbox World 360 had to say about Army of Two, we're marking this one down as a stay of execution. Thanks, governor!
(Now expected March 4, 2008)

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