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The Biggest Flakes of 2007


Delaying the PS3 by eight friggin' months wasn't enough. Then we had to wait another four months for the first details on Sony's social environment. Then yet another nine months for its supposed release... at which point, of course, we were asked to hang on for six to eight MORE months. Can you imagine the Xbox 360 without Live? The Wii without Miis? How much longer until the PS3's online space is finally complete?
(Now expected Spring 2008)


Announced simultaneously with Home, this physics-based puzzler lifted every PS3 fan's hopes. Yes, the platform was capable of charm, surprise and innovation. Yes, it had more than Metal Gear and Final Fantasy as salvation. Yes, it might just gain must-buy status before the end of 2007. Alas, no. We're still waiting... and hoping.
(Now expected September 2008)


None of us ever truly expected to play this in 2007, but damn, we at least thought we'd see something. A Japanese release, perhaps? A demo? A Japanese demo? Anything besides the same completely uninformative trailers over and over again?! Throw us a bone. Prove this game exists.
(Now expected late 2008 or early 2009)


Poor PS3. As much as we hate to pick at the console's wounds, the number of delays is depressing. We were so happy when Haze was finally confirmed as a PS3 exclusive for the holidays, simply because it offered Sony fans a nice counterbalance to competing shooter Halo 3. All those months of confusion and controversy amounted to squat, however, when the whole thing ended up being postponed anyway.
(Now expected March 2008)


Blue Dragon was supposed to make the 360 a success in Japan. It didn't. Eternal Sonata was supposed to prove color and whimsy could drive just as many sales on Microsoft's console as guns and sex. It didn't. Lost Odyssey was supposed to unite RPG fans of every nationality, releasing worldwide in time for the holidays. Guess what? It didn't.
(Now expected February 12, 2008)


You can't rush genius. That's what we keep telling ourselves. Creator Will Wright is building the god of all god games and we should give him as much time as he needs. But c'mon... Spore has been under development since 2000. It's been officially announced since 2005. It's showed at three E3 conferences in a row. And lest you think us impatient, Will Wright himself claimed the game would ship "late next year" back in 2006! We don't blame the guys below for pouring their aching sadness into song.
(Now expected April-May 2008)

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