The Beard kicks back

Directors work hard. Fact. We’re not even going to dispute it. But while you’re slogging your guts out on a sticky night in Malta, with Eric Bana just wanting to go to bed but Daniel Craig saying he’d like to go for one more take, it must be nice to know you can take a year off when you’ve finally got your movie in the can.

Steven Spielberg had his foot to the floor last year directing-wise having started Munich almost as soon as the War Of The Worlds juggernaut spluttered to a halt. So now the Beard has vowed to step away from the lens for a year. Guess that means Indy 4 isn’t getting shot in 2006 then, Stevie?

“I have David Koepp on it now, and he's my closer,” Spielberg told Fox News after Sunday night’s Oscar festivities at the Kodak Theatre.

“He wrote Spider-Man and War Of The Worlds,” Spielberg added, “so he'll get it done.”

That’s real nice… just make the movie please. This really isn’t funny any more.

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