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The Avengers assemble on Captain America Blu-ray

Captain America: The First Avenger heads to home cinemas later this year and does Marvel know how to tempt punters into a purchase? Do bears go for a number two in wooded areas?

Watching Chris Evans' supersoldier kick Nazi butt will be enough of a draw even for fans who don't salute the flag on a regular basis (fun fact: the movie did more theatrical business outside of America than it did in the US).

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However, Marvel is also calling on The Avengers to assemble to seal the deal.

So while we're sure the feature commentary is worth a listen and the Marvel short is fun, it's the "exclusive sneak peek into the ultimate Super Hero team, Marvel's The Avengers " that will have fans buzzing.

Check out the trailer on the website to see brief clips of The Assembly Begins featurette.