The 3rd Birthday wallpapers show Aya Brea, New York in ruins

Square-Enix's Japanese official site for Parasite Eve PSP sequel The 3rd Birthdayhas been updated withdesktop wallpapers featuringour favorite NYPD copAya Brea, still looking lovely and completely badass at age 35. We're not loving the leather vest look (Aya's no-nonsense fashion sense from the first PE can't be beat), but theview of New York in the midst of total destruction is rather intriguing. Are those skyscrapers falling down a gigantic waterfall?

This particular wallpaper shows what we love about Aya - even when facing an impossibly massive enemy, she never gives up, and still has the presence of mind to take fiveto rechargewhere she can get it. She'll be getting up in a second to go wreak some devastation of her own againstManhattan's attackers, known astheTwisted. Head to theofficial siteandselectthe download sectionto grab these for yourself.

Aug 5, 2010

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