The 12 most misunderstood videogame villains

Rare is the Final Fantasy villain who can’t be seen in a sympathetic light. Partly this is due to the series’ increasingly ridiculous plots, which loop about themselves so convolutedly that it’s all but inevitable that at some point, the bad guy will be given some sort of “out” for his nefarious misdeeds. And partly, it’s because they’re all so damn pretty!

Above: You’re among friends. It’s OK to admit you would hit that

But Seymour, in particular, is incontrovertibly An OK Guy. All he wants is to save us from a huge floating cyst that periodically lays the world to waste. Sure, his plan does involve a little genocide, but here’s the thing: Even by Final Fantasy standards, X’s plot is- a nonsensical mess. You could teach college classes in understanding Final Fantasy X and every student would fail. If Seymour’s solution is the most expedient way of working out who is and isn’t dead/a dream/the Messiah, more power to him.

Above: We say, kill ‘em all and let Sin sort ‘em out