The 10 worst Rock Band performances

Some think they can actually sing, some don't care if they can't. Either way, they’re screeching out their favorite tunes with gusto, and we can’t fault them for that (but we can laugh, and feel a little better about our own vocal disasters).

10. Dad sings Still Alive

Convincing"willing to do whatever you want as long as it involves sitting down" dads to play videogames isa popular pastimefortoday's youth, and this particularly condescendingspawn has apparently made it his prime hobby, capturing eight videos of his father’s vocal stylings.

For the very best part, skip to 2:40: "Maaaybe Black Mesaaaaah… that was a joke HA HA HA HA fat chaaance."

BONUS! Dad sings Roxanne

Condescending son strikes again! “Yes, you kicked the controller… please, don’t move your feet, I’m begging you.”

9. Yep, another Dad singing!

This dad attempts to poke fun at his out-of-touchnessby asking the question that TV parents have been asking since the invention of the sitcom: "How do you guys listen to this stuff?" Dad fails to realize that the clacking of the instruments and his piercingscreeches are not actually part of the song.

8. Death Klock - Singing at 0:44

At first we thought this experimental low-light band was referencingDethklok– the fictional band featured in Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse. That would be great, but it seems more likely that their singer is simply unable to control the tone and volume of his voice.

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