The 10 worst Rock Band performances

3. Uhhhhh...

This is why you don't give your 15-year-old daughter and her friends a video camera. After they giggled their way through Fallout Boy and OK Go, we wonder if they went off to meet their sk8ter BFs at Hot Topic. Oh wait...

2. They may have gone to meet these guys

"Okay. Okay okay. Are you guy's ready? Let's do this. You ready? Let's do this. Shit's goin' down."

In their defense, they rattle on in the video's description about how they intended to look foolish, and respond to questions such as "r u guise gay?" with a modicum of class. Though qualifying their shenanigans by saying that they were trying to look stupid doesn't make them look any less stupid, and there's no defense for calling your fake band, or anything, "Caution! Fun Ahead!"

1. Moore pauses the game (2:25)

Harmonix's singer has mastered the very challenging "bounce one leg, lean forward, and flip hair back" dance. Peter Moore has mastered a lack of motor skills.

Oct 2, 2008

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