The 10 worst Rock Band performances

7. One man band

This guy’s not bad at all-in fact, he's impressive.Even so, we couldn't help but chuckle at hishalf-whispered singing and the constantnotes assuring everyone that he does have friends and a life. Those YouTube commenters can just be so mean!

BONUS! The Amazing Elbow Boy (Link)
Simultaneously singing and strumming can be difficult for those who lack multitasking skills. It's more difficult when you also lacka mic stand (and XBL headset, apparently).

Despite his predicament, the boy wonderdoes a pretty decent job (though we all know you can say "blah-di-dah-di-dah"for the entire songand pass). Stick around to the end to find out who the man is.

6. The so-called “Worst Singer Ever”

This was apparently recorded without the singer’s knowledge, which we’ll assume to be true given the grainy pixelbarf qualityofthe video. More than the awful singing, we love his infectious dancing.

5. The oldest?

According to the title of this video, this is the oldest Rock Band player. While we questionthe validity of this statement,he is old, and possibly a fan of Michael Phelps (based on hisskullcap). More embarrassing than the singing is the cackling laughter from off-screen.

4.Dead or alive– Singing at 0:55

The brilliance ofthisperformanceis sealed by the absurdlead up in which the singer calls out the performers' namesand tells the crowd to "get ready."Do prepare yourself for the extreme awesomeness that awaits, and don't miss thevocalsat 1:25.

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