"Thanks for the memories": Overwatch League staff share emotional message after what might be the competition's final games

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Overwatch League host Soe Gschwind ended coverage of the 2023 season with an emotional message as the future of the competition remains uncertain.

"And just like that, the 2023 season is coming to an end, and we get to look back at six incredible, unforgettable years," the esports veteran said in a message at the conclusion of the league year. "This was not just a show; this was a shared dream that was uniting us across borders, languages and differences. It was the hard work and the commitment of everyone which was bringing the team and the fans alike the best possible experience each and every show, and all of that has been nothing short of remarkable."

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As Gschwind continued to speak, both she and the whole team looked visibly emotional at the prospect of it all being over for good. She wrapped things up with a heartfelt thanks to fans for their staunch support of the Overwatch League. "You out there, the fans, your cheers, your tears, the unwavering support, you were the lifeblood of this League. 

"You made this so much more than just a gaming community; this was family. You are incredible, and we want to thank you so much for every single moment you shared with us. So, from all of us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of this incredible journey. It’s been an honour, a privilege, and a joy to share this experience with all of you."

The fate of the Overwatch League is currently in the hands of team owners, who are set to vote on whether or not to accept an updated operating agreement. If they vote not to continue under the new agreement, it could mean the end of the League, leaving Activision-Blizzard with a $114 million bill for termination fees.

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