TF2 Über Update übertaneously updated with gifts for the Sniper and Demoman

The überness continues over at the Team Fortress 2 website, where Valve has revealed another pair of character packs set to drop as part of the game's Über Update this Thursday. Entitled Timbuk Tuesday, the desert themed freebies include new gear for the Sniper and Demoman, aka the Lawrence of Australia and the One Thousand and One Demoknights.

Following in the same generous vein asyesterday's Mobster Monday goodies for the Spy and Heavy, these character DLC packswilloutfit the Sniper and Demoman with a handfulofnew weapons. For the Snipers, Valve is offering The Bazaar Bargain, a sniper rifleimbued withextra headshot bonuses andbody shot penalties; and The Shahanshah, a swordthat scales in effectiveness according tothe player's health. Demomen (and Demowomen, of course) will be receiving The Splendid Screen, a shielddesigned to betterprotect against fire, explosive and charge impact damage; The Persian Persuader, a sword sporting anenchanced recharge rate and the ability to turn ammo into health; and the Ali Baba's Wee Booties, a pair of shoes that increase the player's health and turning control while charging.

In fine Valve fashion, the update reads like it was written by a mad man, describing the Demoman as a desert wanderer who, “has never even been to the beach - but his empty eye cavity naturally accumulates moisture that drips down his head into his throat, making him the equivalent of a one-eyed cactus that swears.”

Oddly enough, that makes sense.Strange, creepy,gag-inducing, sense.

This is the second last updatebefore the big Über Update reveal on Thursday. Any bets as to whattoday's will be called? My Mann Co. dollars are on 'World War Wednesday' or 'With This Ring, I Thee Wednesday'.

Jun 21, 2011

[Source:Team Fortress 2]

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