TF reveals An Inconvenient Truth

We all watched the Tsunami tear Asia to ribbons and witnessed Hurricane Katrina put New Orleans on the canvas but few of us really sit down and think about how these natural disasters may emanate from our unnatural mistreatment of our planet.

Former almost-President Al Gore steps up to put forward the facts in An Inconvenient Truth from helmer David Guggenheim (Deadwood, The Shield).

From what we’ve seen, Guggenheim has steered clear of making a public info film and laced the disturbing message the movie projects with a touch of comedy and charm. A long time environmental activist, Gore received huge praise from the director for his passionate input.

“Al Gore strips his presentations of politics, laying out the facts for the audience to draw their own conclusions in his engaging style and by the end everyone is on the edge of their seats.”

An Inconvenient Truth arrives in cinemas on 8 September.

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